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Shaftesbury Church Asks Potential Organists To Pipe Up

Shaftesbury’s piano and keyboard players are being offered the chance to learn a larger and louder instrument. The St James’ church team is hoping to recruit organists who can turn their hand to playing the often highly personal music choices to mark significant life events.

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The American Midwest Podcasters Who Fell In Love With Shaftesbury

A couple from Indiana are sharing Shaftesbury’s scenery and stories about our area with thousands of their online website and podcast followers in The States.

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Will Shaftesbury Host The World’s Oldest Fringe Performer?

The Australian press made a fuss about Adelaide’s Fringe, featuring a 92-year-old performer. Scottish newspapers marvelled when a 90-year-old woman took to the stage at Edinburgh’s event. But once again, Shaftesbury is going one better!

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Why The C13 Melbury Abbas Road Closure Is Being Extended

The closure of the C13 road through Melbury Abbas will be extended until the end of May.

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Shaftesbury Choir Performs Songs That Helped Change British Life

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’, according to the saying. But the power of the protest song could be considered even more potent in demonstrating discontent, uniting activists and bringing about change.

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‘Urban’ Appearance Of New Shaftesbury Estate Disappoints

In November, Shaftesbury Town Council turned down Redrow’s plans for 170 homes at Littledown because they thought the development was ‘mundane’. Last night, councillors backed amended plans for the estate but there was disappointment voiced at its ‘urban’ appearance and concern that requested sustainability measures are not included.

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How Dark Skies Could Boost Shaftesbury’s Tourism Businesses

If you operate a tourism business in the Shaftesbury area, you could start cashing in on our dark skies. An expert in stargazing tourism will share inspiring case studies during a talk at the Royal Chase Hotel.

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Volunteers Improving First Impressions Of Shaftesbury

A team of Shaftesbury in Bloom volunteers has started their 2019 programme by tidying the Royal Chase roundabout. It’s a big job.

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Guys Marsh Prison Staff Praise Life-Changing Loo Project

Shaftesbury’s refurbished Bell Street toilets are open for business. The project run by social enterprise Build Love offered on-the-job skills training to Guy’s Marsh prisoners reaching the end of their sentences. And it was completed within budget and almost on schedule.

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Proud Shaftesbury Town Silver Band Members Celebrate Contest Result

Members of Shaftesbury Town Silver Band say they are ‘ecstatic’ following their success in a regional band competition last Saturday.

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‘Better Than The Original’ Fleetwood Mac Tribute Plays Shaftesbury

A highly acclaimed Fleetwood Mac tribute band plays at Shaftesbury Arts Centre this weekend.

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Electronic Traffic Speed Indicator Sites Chosen But ‘Speeding Rat Run’ Ineligible

Shaftesbury locations for mobile electronic indicator boards, which flash up the speed of passing vehicles, have been approved by Dorset County Council Highways.

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