Month: May 2018

A New Slogan Is Chosen For Shaftesbury Promotion

A snappy slogan can make a business memorable. Most people, if asked, can recall dozens of TV advertising taglines. In the same way, it helps to have a catchy phrase that conveys the qualities of a tourist destination.

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Shaftesbury Archaeologist Hopeful Of Hi-Tech Survey Success

There’s a chance we could learn something new about Shaftesbury’s Saxon and Medieval history over the next few weeks. “We might have the first inkling of where Alfred’s defences are,” enthused Julian Richards, the lead archaeologist of Shaftesbury Abbey’s SAVED project.

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A Shaftesbury Medieval Celebration Is Revived

An ancient Shaftesbury tradition has been reinstated. But the Byzant procession has been updated, to make it more relevant to today’s residents.

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Shaftesbury and North Dorset Artists Open Their Studio Doors

Do you want to buy local art, direct from the artist? The Dorset Art Weeks event is on until 10th June 2018. It’s now one of Britain’s largest open studio events, with 313 venues open across the county.

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Alfred Podcast – Episode 01

In this episode:

  • A traditional medieval procession is re-started. Keri Jones goes on the Byzant Procession to offer thanks for water.
  • Dorset Arts Week is underway. Two Shaftesbury artists say it makes a difference to their business. We have tips on how to get the most from open artist studio visits.
  • 3D radar technology is used to try and uncover the secrets of Shaftesbury’s Saxon settlement. We go on location with the archaeologists working with Shaftesbury Abbey.
  • Shaftesbury has a new tourism USP. We meet the woman who suggested the slogan that the town’s tourism groups say they love!