Month: April 2019

The First Shaftesbury Spring Clean Is A Success

Shaftesbury residents young and old have been tidying up the town’s open spaces today.

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Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 44

Town Council says ‘No’ to Shaftesbury Persimmon housing plans | National promotion for successful Shaftesbury candlemaker | How Read Easy has changed a Shaftesbury man’s life | Comedian Cally Beaton is returning home for Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 Read More

‘We Don’t Trust Persimmon’ – Shaftesbury Town Council Object To New Estate

Shaftesbury’s Mayor has condemned Persimmon’s attitude toward the community and its customers during Thursday’s public meeting to discuss their new planning application.

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Sustainability Sessions Launch in Shaftesbury Area With Advice On Buying Wood Products

On Sunday, you’ll learn how to make sure that you’re buying sustainable imported wood products when author of over thirty environmental books, Edward Parker, will launch Sustainability Dorset’s programme of bi-monthly ‘Sustainability Sunday’ talks in Fontmell Magna.

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How Penguins Will Persuade Shaftesbury Shoppers To Donate £1,000

Shaftesbury Arts Centre is trying a new approach to fundraising this weekend. They want you to go to the bank, withdraw some cash and hand it over to one of their volunteers.

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ThisIsAlfred Carnival Show – Episode 1

Introducing the new ThisIsAlfred Carnival Show! Matt and Steve Appleby of Kipling Carnival Club present news and information from the carnival circuit.

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How Tales Of The Taliban Are Boosting A Shaftesbury Man’s Confidence

According to statistics, 2.5 million people in Britain struggle to read. But since 2015, Shaftesbury’s Read Easy volunteers have been helping locals improve their literacy skills. ThisIsAlfred heard how the coaching has boosted the confidence of one Shaftesbury man so much, he’s taken to the stage.

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Free Walk To Reveal The Highlights Of Shaftesbury’s Woodland ‘Treasure’

A Shaftesbury-based tree expert will share the special qualities of the town’s nearest ancient woodland during guided walk later this month.

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Blues Band Perform First ‘Proper’ Gig In Shaftesbury Next Sunday

A retired TV executive, who made programmes about the arts, is heading up a new blues band performing its first, full-length gig in Shaftesbury this Sunday. Alan Benson used to produce and direct TV’s ‘The South Bank Show’ and ‘Omnibus’.

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National Publicity For Online Retailers Celebrating Shaftesbury Shop Opening

Traditionally, the sound of ringing tills was considered to be music to a retailer’s ears. In 2019, it is the attention-diverting burst of an iPhone message alert that makes the owners of Shaftesbury’s Botanical Candle Co happy.

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