Month: May 2019

Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 51

Coffee Companions tackle loneliness in Shaftesbury | Dorset Council turns down a new estate planned for Enmore Green | Shaftesbury’s original pop-up art shop | The emotional experience of the Shaftesbury handpan sessions | New CCTV cameras could identify where anti-social revellers are coming from Read More

New CCTV Hopes To Tackle Shaftesbury Anti-Social Behaviour

Dorset Council has installed CCTV in Shaftesbury’s Mustons Lane.

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Young Shaftesbury Dancers To Perform In Saturday Fundraiser

Bell Street Dance School will prove that ‘Shaftesbury’s Got Talent’ when their young dancers perform two shows on Saturday afternoon.

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A Saturday Retreat In The Donheads Could Improve Your Sense Of Wellbeing

Organisers of a health retreat in The Donheads on Saturday believe that it could change your life, for good.

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The Story Of Shaftesbury’s Original Pop-Up Art Shop

Pop up galleries have become trendy recently. But Shaftesbury artist Kate Toms was ahead of the curve when she launched her annual art sale, nineteen years ago.

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Dorset Council Turns Down New Estate On Shaftesbury Slopes

In a surprise move, Dorset Council Planning Committee members have disregarded officers’ guidance and turned down an application to build a new estate beside the Shaftesbury to Gillingham road.

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A New Shaftesbury Café Club Aims To Tackle Loneliness

A new regular social group, designed to address isolation, will launch next month in Shaftesbury.

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Second Book Of Shaftesbury Stories On Sale This Summer

A group of locals who write for fun will publish a second book of Shaftesbury-inspired stories in time for Fringe.

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Shaftesbury Handpan Sessions Promise An Emotional Experience

Steve ‘Highhawk’ Cloudsong has toured the Southwest for the past three years, playing his Native American flute and a newer instrument, the handpan or hangdrum.

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Shaftesbury Archaeologist Will Get Laughs From The Past At Fringe

Julian Richards is a respected authority on archaeology – but he is turning entertainer for his Shaftesbury Fringe show, which offers a different kind of groundbreaking experience.

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