Month: February 2020

Respected Travel Writer To Share Stories Of Siberia In Shaftesbury Talk

Dorset-based travel writer Sophy Roberts often reports from destinations that Brits are advised not to visit. In her forthcoming Shaftesbury talk, Sophy will explain how a series of chance encounters helped her uncover a special story from Siberia.

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The Shaftesbury Couple Mixing Travel Tips With Original Tunes

Two performers from West Melbury have found a unique way to showcase their music. Tony Dean and Una Walsh are making YouTube programmes that mix their original song writing with travel guides to destinations in the Shaftesbury area.

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Council Identifies Land For Shaftesbury Town Band’s New Hall

Shaftesbury Town Silver Band could soon have new headquarters in a different location. Shaftesbury Town councillors have agreed, in principle, to lease land near Tesco’s entrance road, so the band can build a new hall.

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Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 88

Stour Row’s pop-up pub | Shaftesbury adopts a five-year tree plan | Inside the new look Abbotts Greengrocers | Shaftesbury turns out for Countryfile | CrossFit comes to Shaftesbury Read More

Birthday Celebration For Stour Row’s Pop-Up Pub That’s Tackling Rural Isolation

Social isolation is an issue for many people in rural areas surrounding Shaftesbury. Last Friday, Alfred joined Stour Row residents to celebrate the first birthday of a project which brings the community together – a pop-up pub in the village hall.

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No Shaftesbury Town Council Tax Increase – Money Set Aside For The Maltings

The proportion of your council tax that funds Shaftesbury Town Council, won’t increase from April. But the overall bill for 2020-2021 is likely to rise by around 4%. Dorset Council, Dorset Police and the Fire Service need more of our money.

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Businessman To Open CrossFit In Shaftesbury After Workouts Changed His Life

A new Shaftesbury fitness facility opens next month. Ansty businessmen Chris Garrett became passionate about CrossFit after the exercise regime changed his life. He showed Alfred ‘the ropes’ at his new gym.

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Why Shaftesbury’s New Police Officer Wants To Be Visible Around Town

Shaftesbury’s new police constable is committed to maintaining our town’s low crime status. Rob Hammond intends to ‘walk the beat’ and be ‘visible’. He discusses his approach to policing in conversation with Alfred’s Keri Jones.

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Radio Four Extra To Feature Shaftesbury In Programme About

Shaftesbury will be discussed on BBC Radio Four Extra on Friday. Two BBC reporters have visited our town to learn more about for the national broadcaster’s weekly programme about podcasts.

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Shaftesbury’s Greener Future – Council Backs ‘Impressive’ Five-Year Tree Planting Plan

Shaftesbury residents will be encouraged to get involved in a major programme of tree planting. The Town Council has backed a five-year plan designed to increase tree cover, particularly in the east of town, as a climate emergency response.

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