Happy Mothering Sunday Shaftesbury

Shaftesbury resident and Alfred team volunteer, Adrian Ryder, has written a poem about mums and parenting. Read More

Shaftesbury Arts Centre Closes – Chairman Would Like You To Waive Ticket Refunds

Shaftesbury Art Centre closed at midday due to coronavirus advice and is unlikely to open until the end of May. But there’s a warning that the closure could push this treasured facility into a precarious financial position. Its chairman has asked locals for help.

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Shaftesbury Man Wins Marmalade Contest For Second Year In A Row

A keen Shaftesbury cook has retained his crown as the town’s Best Marmalade Maker. Two professional chefs declared Andy Hollingshead’s preserve the tastiest in Shaftesbury Arts Centre’s second Marmafest event.

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One Of Britain’s Biggest Selling Classical Artists Is Coming To Shaftesbury

The Times has described Emma Johnson as ‘Britain’s favourite clarinettist’. Alfred chatted about her forthcoming Shaftesbury concert, where she’ll offer inspiring chats with fellow clarinet players.

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Shaftesbury Cooks Challenged To Produce The Town’s Tastiest Marmalade

Do you think you make great marmalade? If so, you’re being invited to have it judged by professional chefs next weekend, when Shaftesbury Arts Centre is hosting its second Marmafest.

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Shaftesbury School Featured In Royal Society Of Arts Report

Shaftesbury School’s headteacher says arts subjects can transform pupils’ lives and help their mental wellbeing. Tim Farrer spoke with Alfred following a Royal Society of Arts (RSA) report into the challenges and successes of his plan to create an arts-rich school.

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Shaftesbury Artist’s Expressive Art Course Aims To Improve Mental Wellbeing

If you face mental health challenges, a Shaftesbury artist is offering to share the creative techniques she uses to improve her wellbeing. Maaike Pope tells Keri Jones that her course will teach the methods that better help her to deal with life’s situations.

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Shaftesbury Singer And Artist Creates New Look For Fringe 2020 Programme

Shaftesbury Fringe has unveiled the vibrant new look to its publicity material. Shaftesbury artist and Fringe performer, Anne-Louise Richards, told Alfred what inspired her makeover of the festival’s programme cover.

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The Shaftesbury Couple Mixing Travel Tips With Original Tunes

Two performers from West Melbury have found a unique way to showcase their music. Tony Dean and Una Walsh are making YouTube programmes that mix their original song writing with travel guides to destinations in the Shaftesbury area.

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Two New Stand-Up Nights Boost Shaftesbury’s Comedy Venue Reputation

Shaftesbury is famous for the iconic Gold Hill view. Now, with the launch of two comedy nights and dozens of stand-ups appearing at Shaftesbury Fringe, two comedians believe we could soon be known for humour, as well as the Hovis ad.

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