Changes To Tesco Parking In Shaftesbury Divides Opinion

Car parking is often an issue in Shaftesbury. And the decision by Tesco to reduce the length of time that vehicles can stay in their car park before risking a £70 penalty charge has divided local opinion.

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Eco Entrepreneur Reveals Plans For Shaftesbury’s New Plastic-Free Shop

22-year-old Lucy Barfoot is very excited. She believes that she is about to change the way people in Shaftesbury shop.

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Shaftesbury Chain Store Could Close As Local Indie Shop Announces Opening

Shaftesbury’s Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop has announced its closing down event. But the Chamber of Commerce hopes that posters suggesting the business will soon cease trading may not reveal the full picture. The closure news came on the day that a new, sustainable store announced its Shaftesbury opening. Read More

How Brexit Uncertainty Has Focussed Shaftesbury Businesses

ThisisAlfred visited the Wincombe Centre to hear how many Shaftesbury entrepreneurs use the business units to establish their new ventures. Keri Jones learned heard about the centre’s expansion and why its manager believes Brexit uncertainty is encouraging local businesses to determine what they do best.

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The Shaker Box Maker Exporting To The States From Shaftesbury

The Shaker movement reached its peak in the Victorian era. The sect, famous for their beautiful woodworking, migrated to the USA from Northern England. They considered that making simple, perfectly handcrafted furniture was an act of worship. You might be surprised to learn that a Shaftesbury craftsman is creating both cotemporary and tradition Shaker-inspired wooden boxes. And he’s exporting them to The States.

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A Loading Bay On Bell Street Could End A Blockage

Joshua Ritchie appears very relaxed, considering he’s had to address Shaftesbury Town Council over a yellow-line road issue that would make most residents see red.

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Shaftesbury’s Newest Estate Agent Says The Town Is In Demand

Estate Agent Matt Boatwright’s name is now splashed across his Bell Street offices. Matt shared his opinion with about the new housing estates planned for Shaftesbury, why the town remains popular and why he’s decided to re-brand his business.

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Shaftesbury Designer Offering Sustainable Christmas Tips

A Shaftesbury designer will show you how to cut Christmas gift and decoration costs and add creative sparkle.

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Why BV Dairy’s Success Has Been Celebrated

Perhaps it’s been easy to overlook the huge role that BV Dairy plays in Shaftesbury life. Few people venture past the company headquarters, tucked away where Wincombe Lane ends. Read More

The Shaftesbury Sundials Putting Others In The Shade

In these digital, hi-tech times you might be surprised to learn that Shaftesbury-made sundials are selling well all over the world.

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