Why Shaftesbury’s New Vicar Felt ‘Drawn’ To Our Town

The Reverend Kirsty Clarke took up her Team Vicar position with the Church of England in Shaftesbury in September. She chatted with Alfred’s Keri Jones about engaging with the community, inclusivity, Dawn French and her special skill for jumping off buildings!

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The Danish Ladies Writing Bestselling Books About Shaftesbury

If you walked into Copenhagen’s equivalent of Waterstones, you’d quickly spot three books about North Dorset. Authors Hanne Tang Christensen and Liv Bentsen have delighted Danish readers with stories of Shaftesbury life. Alfred’s Keri Jones met ‘The Danish Ladies’ at their home in our town.

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Shaftesbury Council Can’t Take On Cycle Speedway Project But Suggests Alternative

Shaftesbury Town councillors have decided they can’t take on and develop the Rotary Club’s cycle speedway track, proposed for Wincombe recreation ground. But councillors want to discuss working with the fundraisers to create a non-specialist community cycling facility in The Maltings area.

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The Former Police Inspector From The Donheads Assisting Extinction Rebellion At Protests

Donheads-based environmental campaigner, Richard Ecclestone, has appeared on Sky News and BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire Show recently. He has joined Extinction Rebellion’s action, trying to ensure police and protestors behave within the law. His previous job as a Police Inspector, has interested the media.

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New Shaftesbury Acoustic Nights Launched To Encourage Emerging Local Talent

An experienced Shaftesbury-based musician is hoping to encourage fresh talent with his new, regular acoustic nights. Paul Maryon told ThisIsAlfred that he has chosen a venue offering a supportive environment for fledgling performers who are finding their feet.

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Shaftesbury Hospital League Of Friends Crowdsource Cash For Electric Vehicles

Shaftesbury’s Hospital League of Friends helpers have devised an innovative way of raising funds for two new electric vehicles. The volunteers want locals to purchase the transport piece-by-piece.

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The Couple Who Want Shaftesbury To Remain 5G Mobile Free, For Now

A group of Shaftesbury residents wants the Town Council to call a public meeting to discuss concerns over the introduction of 5G mobile networks. Opponents claim that 5G could cause cancer, but public health agencies say UK safety standards are met.

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An Award Nomination For Shaftesbury Celebrant Elizabeth Tricks

More people are choosing non-religious services to mark life’s milestone events. Alfred meets Shaftesbury’s own celebrant, Elizabeth Tricks, who explains how she started in this career and how a celebrant can enhance your special occasion.

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Matt And Steve Appleby Present The Carnival Show – Episode 11

Matt and Steve Appleby present a new episode of The Carnival Show, with a Bridgwater Carnival special. 

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Historic Shaftesbury Signposts Will Be Repaired And Preserved

Two of Shaftesbury’s historic signposts will be renovated in a move that the Town Council hopes will please both residents and appeal to visitors. Read More