Mampitts Lane ‘Bus Gate’ Divides Councillor Opinion

Pound Lane residents have told Shaftesbury Town Council why they want the controversial Mampitts Lane bus gate installed. They shared their safety concerns at Tuesday’s Planning and Highways Meeting, but not all councillors back blocking this route to through traffic.

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Shaftesbury Hospital League Of Friends Sign-Up Influential New Member

Volunteers from Westminster Hospital League of Friends have recruited Shaftesbury’s Member of Parliament as a new, paying member. Read More

Stunning Scenery And Social Interaction Is The Goal Of Shaftesbury’s New Cycle Group

A keen Shaftesbury cyclist is planning regular group bike rides to help people make friends and keep fit. Read More

Matt And Steve Appleby Present The Carnival Show – Episode 7

Steve and Matt Appleby are back with their essential guide to what’s going on in the world of carnival. Read More

Parish Council and Dorset Council Reflect On This Month’s Melbury Abbas Jams

Shaftesbury-area drivers using the C13 have faced significant disruption over recent weeks. Large vehicles have blocked the road through Melbury Abbas, just months after work to address lorry jams was completed. Read More

Why Repairing Shaftesbury’s £300,000 Ceremonial Mace Requires Special Precautions

A valuable piece of silverware, used during Shaftesbury civic occasions for centuries, will be repaired after Town councillors recognised its historic importance.

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Shaftesbury TIC Boss Explains Significance Of Opinion-Splitting Paint Colour

Shaftesbury Tourist Information Centre’s new colour scheme is what you might refer to as ‘Marmitey’. Some people are positive about the yellow paint job. Others hate the hue and are seeing red.

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Shaftesbury Area Publican Calls Time On Throwaway Culture

The landlady of The Rising Sun pub hopes to set up a repair café to reduce the number of malfunctioning gadgets we bin, assuming they are too difficult to fix.

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Significant Development In Campaign To Secure Shaftesbury Hospital Beds

There is good news for supporters of Shaftesbury’s Westminster Memorial Hospital. Dorset Healthcare’s board has voted to retain the existing fifteen hospital beds there. Additionally, Shaftesbury Town Council has secured a ‘first refusal’ opportunity for the community to bid for the hospital site if it is ever put up for sale.

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Could A Shaftesbury Fountain Help To Reduce Single Use Plastics?

A retired Civil Servant is spearheading a campaign to install a drinking fountain and water refill points in Shaftesbury.

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