Why Areas Of Shaftesbury Need More Trees – Expert Shares Vision On Wednesday

Planting more trees in Shaftesbury will improve locals’ wellbeing and potentially reduce pollution and noise, according to Tree Group expert Bernard Ede, who will explain the organisation’s vision and suggest areas that would benefit from new trees in his talk this week.

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‘Imaginative’ Sign Appears To Be Reducing Numbers Of HGVs On Shaftesbury Hill

Campaigners who want to ban HGVs from St John’s Hill says that new signage is making a difference but more still needs to be done.

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Barefoot Round Britain Runner Delights Shaftesbury Crowds

A crowd waited patiently outside Shaftesbury Library on Friday morning to meet an adventurer who is running barefoot across the UK.

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Shaftesbury Mental Health Support Group Relaunched By Dorset Mind

What events or activities do you think should be arranged in Shaftesbury to help residents’ mental health? Dorset Mind has asked locals to help shape their services during the launch of a wellbeing peer support group at a Town Hall event on Thursday. Alfred was there.

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Shaftesbury Council To Outline Its Five-Year Vision And Award Cash To Environmental Projects

Do you want to know what Shaftesbury Town Council hopes to achieve over the next five years? Are you interested in how much income the Town Council receives each year and what they intend to spend that money on? On Tuesday (29th October) councillors and council staff will present their five-year strategic plan.

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Matt And Steve Appleby Present The Carnival Show – Episode 10

In another packed Carnival Show, Matt and Steve Appleby present the latest news, events and stories from the carnival circuit. Read More

Which Shaftesbury Street Needs An Electronic Speed Indicator Sign?

Do you believe motorists are speeding through your neighbourhood? Shaftesbury Town Council wants you tell them where their new speed indicator sign should be placed. But there are concerns that Dorset Council’s criteria may rule many of our town’s roads as ineligible.

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Wildflower Verge Trial Being Considered In Shaftesbury

Four grass verges in Shaftesbury could be seeded with wildflowers to increase biodiversity.

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Maltings Residents Face Disruption And A Long Delay Before Roads Are Adopted

Shaftesbury’s Mayor has warned the Town Council that it will take ‘at least one year’ before the roads on the northern part of The Maltings can be adopted by Dorset Council. Councillor Tim Cook says that residents are likely to face lengthy disruption while developer Persimmon brings the highways up to the required standard.

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Learn How To Save A Life With Shaftesbury Rotary Club

Would you know what to do if you were first on the scene when somebody had suffered a heart attack? Shaftesbury Rotary Club has arranged a session where you can learn how to use a defibrillator and how to react.

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