Shaftesbury Fire Station Offers ‘Have A Go’ Sessions

Do you want to do something vitally important for the Shaftesbury community? If so, have you considered joining the Fire Service? Read More

Win Prizes – As Shaftesbury’s Best Decorated Home This Christmas

If you decorate the outside of your home this Christmas, you could win a prize. Shaftesbury’s Mayor, Piers Brown, has launched a Town Council competition to reward the people responsible for the best display.

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The Lifeline Transport Service Helping Isolated Shaftesbury Residents

Debbie Simmons is looking forward to a quieter time this winter. The phone in her St James Street cottage has been ringing both day and night for four years!

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New Approach To Shaftesbury GP Appointments Is Working

Let’s face it, most of us don’t want to talk about medical matters on the phone. Nevertheless, since April, when you call to book a GP appointment in Shaftesbury, you have to explain why you want to see a doctor. Depending on your symptoms, this could prove rather uncomfortable. Read More

Call For ‘Humanitarian’ Repairs To Historic Shaftesbury Yard

Residents living in a secluded and historic part of Shaftesbury want the Town Council to take on their road maintenance because of safety concerns. Read More

Children’s Cancer Charity To Benefit From Shaftesbury Barber’s Marathon Run

Geoff Coward spends his entire working day standing on his feet. So you wouldn’t expect him to want to run for miles before and after work every day, training for the London Marathon. Read More

Crowds Cheer Sam In Cancer Charity Head Shave

For most people, a visit to the hairdresser is a relaxing, personal pampering experience, sitting quietly in front of the mirror. But when Sam Allmark changed her hairstyle on Friday evening, it certainly wasn’t a peaceful experience! Read More

Silhouette Sculpture At Town Hall Will Remember WW1 War Dead

Shaftesbury Town Council has set aside £2,500 to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. Read More

The Reverend Doctor Will See You Now

The Church of England’s Shaftesbury Team Rector has a new title from, today. The Reverend Helen Dawes is now also a ‘Doctor’. Read More

Free Fitness Fun For Shaftesbury Adults With New Playground Games Sessions

Rob Marsh wants to help Shaftesbury residents get fit and forge friendships using an innovative new way for locals to work out.

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