Volunteers Encouraging Rare Reptiles Back To Shaftesbury’s Breach Common

A team of volunteers and professional ecologists has been clearing ponds at Breach Common, to encourage great crested newts. It is hoped that regular maintenance activity could increase the range of wildlife present. Alfred went along last Friday, before the lockdown restrictions.

It’s A Wrap! How A Shaftesbury Student Is Making Sandwiches More Sustainable

A schoolgirl from Shaftesbury has been adding colour and sustainability to local lunchboxes. Alfred met the 13-year-old entrepreneur who has started upcycling unwanted fabrics to make reusable sandwich wraps.

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Back To Nature – Plans To Restore Wildlife At Shaftesbury Farm

A Shaftesbury couple wants to transform their French Mill Lane farm into a natural habitat, rich with birds, plants and wildlife. This ‘rewilding’ project, which will address the climate emergency. Alfred’s Keri Jones visited.

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Talking Rubbish – Dorset Council Recycling Expert Answers Questions In Shaftesbury

Most Shaftesbury households put their waste out each week, but have you ever been confused about what goes in which bin? Next Thursday, a Dorset Council official will answer your recycling-related questions at a Town Hall event.

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Fashion, Fast Food And Flying To Feature In Climate Emergency Author’s Shaftesbury Talk

A low-carbon campaigner is visiting Shaftesbury to share his thoughts on tackling the climate emergency. Guardian and Independent writer Chris Goodall will explain how fashion and fast food consumers are making a difference. He has ideas on how to discourage unnecessary flying without penalising package holidaymakers, too.

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Shaftesbury’s Greener Future – Council Backs ‘Impressive’ Five-Year Tree Planting Plan

Shaftesbury residents will be encouraged to get involved in a major programme of tree planting. The Town Council has backed a five-year plan designed to increase tree cover, particularly in the east of town, as a climate emergency response.

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Why Shaftesbury Residents Love Bargain Hunting At The Wincombe Waste Site

Alfred toured Shaftesbury’s Household Recycling Centre. We heard how Dorset’s waste differs from other areas and how some locals visit regularly to hunt for bargains.

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Nature Reserve And Better Play Facility Suggested For Shaftesbury’s Slopes

A nature reserve on Park Walk, feature trees to ‘frame’ views from Jubilee Steps and a more natural children’s play park are ideas proposed for Shaftesbury’s southern slopes. Alfred found out more about the Town Hall’s plan.

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Shaftesbury Expert Plans Bee Gardening Tutorials Following Log Hive Success

A Shaftesbury environmentalist is planning a series of ‘gardening for bees’ tutorials in 2020. Alfred’s Keri Jones visited Brigit Strawbridge Howard’s garden and saw how her perseverance in encouraging bees with a log hive has paid off.

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Festive Tunes To Fund New Trees For Shaftesbury

Trees can play an important role in addressing the climate emergency. A ten-year-old tree can absorb up to 22kg of carbon dioxide each year. Next week, a Christmas concert will raise cash for more trees for Shaftesbury.

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