Shaftesbury Stories Are At The Heart Of Bee Campaigner’s New Book

25,000 people follow Brigit Strawbridge’s Twitter posts about the environment and, in particular, bees. Now the Shaftesbury-based campaigner is getting ready to launch her first book and it’s set to put our town in the spotlight. Read More

Shaftesbury Pupils Want To Win Funding For A Peace Garden

Pupils at Shaftesbury Abbey Primary School hope to create a peace garden, if they are awarded cash from Shaftesbury Town Council’s environmental challenge.

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Shaftesbury Climate Protest Reveals Extent Of Extinct Species

A giant pink dodo and a New Orleans-style funeral procession were used to warn Shaftesbury that climate change could wipe out entire species. Alfred’s Keri Jones watched Saturday’s Extinction Rebellion procession and ‘die in’ on Gold Hill.

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Dozens Of Protestors To ‘Play Dead’ In Shaftesbury On Saturday

Climate change protestors will stage a ‘mass funeral’ on Gold Hill on Saturday. Natalie Carr from Shaftesbury’s Extinction Rebellion group told Alfred’s Keri Jones what her group is planning and why.

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How A New Group Is Trying To Save Shaftesbury’s Swifts

Shaftesbury’s swift colonies have probably been here since Saxon times. Modern construction means there are fewer gaps and spaces where the birds can nest. Now, a new Shaftesbury-based project hopes to secure the future of swifts in our town.

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‘Forest School’ Style Nature Workshops Planned For Shaftesbury Schoolchildren

Three parents, who are passionate about wildlife and the environment, hope to launch an outdoor learning experience for Shaftesbury-area youngsters.

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Plans To Plant Two Thousand Trees In Shaftesbury Gains Support

A local man’s suggestion to plant around two thousand trees in Shaftesbury – one for every younger resident – has quickly gained support from environmental body Planet Shaftesbury and the town’s Tree Group, which is now working on a tree-planting strategy.

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Shaftesbury Council Debates New Areas For Nature And Cow Parsley Cutting

There are many issues that divide Britain. Whether we should leave or remain. Do you put the jam or cream on a scone first? But Shaftesbury opinion is split on the cow parsley question. Should it stay or should it be strimmed?

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How Loudspeakers Could Address Declining Swift Numbers In Fontmell Magna

A Fontmell Magna villager is determined to address the decline in the number of swifts reported nationally.

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Plastic Free Town Initiative Launches In Shaftesbury

It’s time for Shaftesbury’s businesses, organisations and residents to phase out their use of single-use plastics. That’s the goal of the town’s newly-formed environmental action group, Plastic Free Shaftesbury.

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