Shaftesbury Council To Buy Protective Kit For Town’s Health And Care Workers – Two Councillors Oppose Plan In Heated Meeting

Shaftesbury’s health and care workers should receive protective equipment funded by the Town Council. But today’s heated meeting heard one councillor accused of betraying NHS workers and another member was called ‘an idiot’ and ‘thick’.

You Are Not Alone – Self-Isolating Residents Of Shaftesbury And Villages Will Be Supported

Shaftesbury area residents are being assured that they will receive help and support with everyday activities if they need to self-isolate. Alfred learned how Shaftesbury, Donhead St Mary and Motcombe locals are planning to respond to the coronavirus crisis.

Shaftesbury School To Support Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Emergency

The headteacher of Shaftesbury School is offering to help healthcare workers dealing with the coronavirus if their children are his pupils. Tim Farrer says he remains committed to keeping parents informed and students safe during the crisis.

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All CofE Church Services In The Shaftesbury Area Suspended

There will be no public Church of England services in the Shaftesbury area for the foreseeable future. Rev Dr Helen Dawes says alternative solutions are being investigated and she explained how the ruling will apply to funeral services.

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North Dorset Villager Shares Advice Following A Week Of Self-Isolation

A Fontmell Magna man is advising Shaftesbury area residents to carefully consider what food they’ll need during coronavirus self-isolation, if they don’t usually shop online. Alfred spoke with Dick Stainer halfway through his period of self-quarantine.

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‘We Can Get Through This’ – Shaftesbury’s Health Centre Makes Changes To Protect Staff And Patients From Coronavirus

Blackmore Vale Partnership operates Shaftesbury’s Abbey View Medical Centre and surgeries in Fontmell Magna, Sturminster Newton and Marnhull. Managing partner Jane Dawes explains how your services will change from Monday, because of coronavirus.

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How Shaftesbury Shoppers With Mental Health Challenges Can Show They Need Support

Shaftesbury residents have been encouraged to start conversations about their mental wellbeing to remove any sense of stigma. And Adrian Welch, of union USDAW, says shoppers should know how to signal that they might need extra support.

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Major Fundraisers Planned As Shaftesbury Hospital League Of Friends Reconstitute

Shaftesbury Hospital’s League of Friends will be reorganised to improve efficiency, raise more funds and increase community involvement. Last night supporters backed proposed changes and heard how new mental health services will be introduced.

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Expert Praises ‘Advanced’ Thinking Of Shaftesbury GP Practice

Abbey View Medical Centre is pioneering community initiatives not usually found in GP practices. Alfred visited and heard how a new choir, LGBT group, affordable food store and an electric tricycle could all reduce demand for doctors’ time.

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