Excitement At Fontmell Down As Elusive Butterfly Is Spotted

Dorset-based charity, Butterfly Conservation, arranged a tour of Fontmell Down recently. Alfred joined the search for the rare silver spotted skipper and learned why nature lovers had driven over 100 miles to visit this exceptional National Trust site on Shaftesbury’s doorstep.

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The Shaftesbury Book Reviewer Influencing Britain’s Bedtime Reading

Karen Cole is arguably Shaftesbury’s best-read resident. A primary school teaching assistant by day, Karen fills her spare moments with a novel in her hands. She’s developed a following as an online book reviewer, fairly critiquing the latest crime releases.

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The Social Way To Become More Sustainable – Shaftesbury Green Teas

A new Shaftesbury environmental group, which focuses on making lifestyle changes rather than protests and politics, has started regular meetings. Alfred attended the Shaftesbury Buttons Saturday afternoon get-together – Green Teas.

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The Fontmell Man Who Can’t Stop Tying The Knot

When most people tie knots, it’s for practical reasons. But Adam Master enjoys knot-tying as a social activity, where traditional skills and colourful stories are shared.

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Better ‘Bee Hotels’ Could Be Made In Shaftesbury – Now Sponsor Is Sought

A Shaftesbury kitchen company has offered to donate its craftsmen’s time to make improved bee hotels, if a sponsor can fund the materials.

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From Scythes To Rat Poison – The Unusual Ways Of Dying In Tudor Dorset and Wiltshire

An Oxford academic will soon share stories of the strange ways in which Wiltshire and Dorset people died during the Tudor years.

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Vote For Your Favourite Shaftesbury Carnival Entry With A New App

You’ll be able to vote for your favourite Shaftesbury Carnival entry on a mobile phone app for the first time this year.

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Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 66

Meet the Motcombe thatcher with a Gold Hill roofing challenge | The Shaftesbury man whose life was changed by a Twitter post | Port Regis School plans to go carbon neutral by 2025 | A million-selling author will tell budding Shaftesbury authors how to make money from publishing Read More

The Shaftesbury Business Dressing Dogs All Over The World

Dog clothes and harnesses handmade in the Shaftesbury area are being exported all over the world. Alfred visited Dorset Dog Togs in Shearstock to hear what well-dressed dogs are wearing and how rugby-loving dog owners are styling their pets.

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How A Comment On Twitter Changed A Shaftesbury Man’s Life

You can only type 280 characters in a Twitter post. But that was enough to change the course of a Shaftesbury man’s life. Newspapers from Paris to Brazil have featured Christopher Oram’s story.

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