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ThisIsAlfred Carnival Show – Episode 1

Introducing the new ThisIsAlfred Carnival Show! Matt and Steve Appleby of Kipling Carnival Club present news and information from the carnival circuit.

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How Tales Of The Taliban Are Boosting A Shaftesbury Man’s Confidence

According to statistics, 2.5 million people in Britain struggle to read. But since 2015, Shaftesbury’s Read Easy volunteers have been helping locals improve their literacy skills. ThisIsAlfred heard how the coaching has boosted the confidence of one Shaftesbury man so much, he’s taken to the stage.

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Free Walk To Reveal The Highlights Of Shaftesbury’s Woodland ‘Treasure’

A Shaftesbury-based tree expert will share the special qualities of the town’s nearest ancient woodland during guided walk later this month.

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Blues Band Perform First ‘Proper’ Gig In Shaftesbury Next Sunday

A retired TV executive, who made programmes about the arts, is heading up a new blues band performing its first, full-length gig in Shaftesbury this Sunday. Alan Benson used to produce and direct TV’s ‘The South Bank Show’ and ‘Omnibus’.

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National Publicity For Online Retailers Celebrating Shaftesbury Shop Opening

Traditionally, the sound of ringing tills was considered to be music to a retailer’s ears. In 2019, it is the attention-diverting burst of an iPhone message alert that makes the owners of Shaftesbury’s Botanical Candle Co happy.

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International TV Executive Who Switched To Comedy Returns Home For Shaftesbury Fringe

Former Shaftesbury School pupil Cally Beaton has been on the board of major TV companies in New York, Amsterdam and London. Legendary comedian Joan Rivers spotted her comedy talent and told her to pursue a stand-up career. A frequent QI panellist, Cally is appearing at Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 and...

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Ancient Shaftesbury Oaks Celebrated In Art Exhibition

People are passionate about trees in Shaftesbury. Just the fact that our town has its own Tree Group reveals the strong level of interest.

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Shaftesbury Audiences Offered New Experience With Experimental Play

Shaftesbury Arts Centre is trying something different for their latest theatre production.

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Walkers Wanted To Help Re-enact Historic Procession To Shaftesbury

A Shaftesbury woman is recruiting ramblers to check footpaths ahead of the re-enactment of a historic procession across Dorset.

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Campaign Against Persimmon Plans Launched by Shaftesbury Civic Society

Shaftesbury Civic Society is opposing plans to build new houses on land alongside the A30, which is ring-fenced for employment use. They have launched their ‘Prevent Persimmon Jobs Before Houses’ campaign ahead of next week’s presentation by the developer to the public and Town Council.

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Was Your Home Sold In 1919? Find Out At The New Gold Hill Museum Exhibit

Shaftesbury’s Gold Hill Museum opened for the 2019 season today and one of the special displays tells the story of our water supply. The second presentation documents the dramatic events of 1919, when our town was sold – three times!

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More Bee Friendly Planting As Shaftesbury Council Takes On New Land

Shaftesbury Town Council is planning bee-friendly planting in a public open space, which will soon be transferred to the town’s ownership.

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