Month: November 2018

Shaftesbury Chain Store Could Close As Local Indie Shop Announces Opening

Shaftesbury’s Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop has announced its closing down event. But the Chamber of Commerce hopes that posters suggesting the business will soon cease trading may not reveal the full picture. The closure news came on the day that a new, sustainable store announced its Shaftesbury opening. Read More

Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 26

Shaftesbury Council turns down a plan for new streetlights along an ancient Shaftesbury way | Brexit uncertainty has focused Shaftesbury businesses’ minds, says The Wincombe Centre’s Wendy Ibbotson | We meet the Shaftesbury Shaker box maker exporting his work to The States | How changing parking permissions could end the blocking of a Bell St business entrance | We meet the Motcombe mum who has been wearing a sandwich board to encourage people to enter the village’s Santa Run Read More

How Brexit Uncertainty Has Focussed Shaftesbury Businesses

ThisisAlfred visited the Wincombe Centre to hear how many Shaftesbury entrepreneurs use the business units to establish their new ventures. Keri Jones learned heard about the centre’s expansion and why its manager believes Brexit uncertainty is encouraging local businesses to determine what they do best.

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Discover The Real William Shakespeare In The Shaftesbury Area On Thursday

William Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest playwright of all time although it’s fair to say that not everybody is a fan of his work. But one actor is promising to give his audience an insight into the life of the Bard.

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The Shaker Box Maker Exporting To The States From Shaftesbury

The Shaker movement reached its peak in the Victorian era. The sect, famous for their beautiful woodworking, migrated to the USA from Northern England. They considered that making simple, perfectly handcrafted furniture was an act of worship. You might be surprised to learn that a Shaftesbury craftsman is creating both cotemporary and tradition Shaker-inspired wooden boxes. And he’s exporting them to The States.

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Shaftesbury Mums Plan Child-Free Christmas Craft And Pampering Party

Christmas can be chaotic, especially if you have kids. That’s why two Shaftesbury mums are arranging an event where women can relax, buy unique stocking fillers and become inspired by some of our town’s most creative craftspeople.

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The Motcombe Sandwich Board Mum Encouraging Santas To Run

The lanes of Motcombe will be filled with dozens of Father Christmases on Sunday 2nd December. The school PTA is arranging a Christmas-themed fancy dress run and walk – the Great Motcombe Santa Run.

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Shaftesbury Council Vote Against Streetlights For Hawkesdene Lane

Shaftesbury Town Councillors have narrowly turned down a proposal to add four new streetlights to the narrowest stretch of Hawkesdene Lane.

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Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 25

Good news for stargazers – Shaftesbury has reduced light pollution | Shaftesbury’s newest estate agent on why the town remains popular | Shaftesbury Council could purchase The Wilderness | Tony Hawkins – the 93-year-old Shaftesbury dancer starting monthly tea dances | Motcombe should not become a Shaftesbury suburb says draft Neighbourhood Plan Read More

A Loading Bay On Bell Street Could End A Blockage

Joshua Ritchie appears very relaxed, considering he’s had to address Shaftesbury Town Council over a yellow-line road issue that would make most residents see red.

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