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Birdsong Delights Shaftesbury Woman On First Trip Outside For A Year

Where in Shaftesbury would you go on your first outdoor walk in over one year?

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Shaftesbury Chicken Keeper Kate Scott’s Birds Freed From Avian Flu Lockdown

Shaftesbury Chicken keeper Kate is happy that her birds are no longer in their own lockdown.

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Soundscapes – Birdsong And The St James Church Clock Chimes

Nick Crump captures the distinctive chime of St James Church and birdsong. Read More

Soundscapes – Blackbirds And Lambs Near Holyrood Farm

Listen to the heart-melting sounds of tiny young lambs gambolling around fields at sunset next to Holyrood Farm in Shaftesbury.

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Hailstones Confuse Shaftesbury Chicken Keeper Kate’s Birds

Shaftesbury chicken keeper Kate Scott presents her weekly diary.

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Soundscapes – Birdsong, Sheep And Lambs On Breach Lane

Our springtime soundscape mixes birdsong and lambs, as recorded on Breach Lane.

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Soundscapes – Afternoon Birdsong On Shaftesbury’s Umbers Hill

Nick Crump brings us the sounds of a crow, great tit and blue tit recorded at Umbers Hill on Wednesday afternoon.

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Meet My Pet – Shaftesbury’s Exotic Birds

David Toulson chats with Tammy and Karen from Shaftesbury’s Paws and Claws pet store about exotic bird pets.

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