Andy Hargreaves

New Bus Service Will Link The Maltings With Gillingham

A new half-hourly bus service will link The Maltings estate, Shaftesbury High Street and Gillingham railway station from 1st September. But the Shaftesbury to Motcombe service will become less frequent.

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Participants Feel Energised By Free Shaftesbury Castle Green Yoga

Yesterday’s Castle Green yoga session participants say that the setting and the strong sense of spirituality offered them an enriching experience.

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Shaftesbury Artist Urges Estate Agents To See Value In Sustainable Energy

Shaftesbury artist Maaike Pope is leaving Shaftesbury after 15 years. Family matters, financial issues because of COVID-19 and Brexit have influenced her decision to return to Holland.

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Friends Kate And Karren Discuss Finding Old Family Correspondence

We catch up with friends Karren Burkett and Kate Pickard as they ‘chat over the garden fence’.

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Shaftesbury Writer Barkley Johnson Reads His Story – The Keepers Field

Hartgrove-based writer Barkley Johnson reads another of his short stories.

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The Alfred Daily – 9th August 2020

On today’s show: New bus service from The Maltings to Shaftesbury and Gillingham | Councillor hopes bus gate will be resolved soon | Participants energised by outdoor Shaftesbury yoga | Shaftesbury FC manager quits after one match | Solar panels not valued by homebuyers | Friends Kate and Karren chat | Barkley Johnson reads The Keepers Field | A chaffinch and kestrel in Stour Row

Shaftesbury Firefighters Rescue Sheep From Underground Chamber

Firefighters from Shaftesbury have rescued a sheep from a previously unknown underground space.

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Public Health Dorset Say Local COVID Rate Remains ‘Very Low’

Officials say the COVID rate for our county is still ‘very low’.

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Shaftesbury Library To Reopen With Some Restrictions

Shaftesbury Library will reopen on Monday, but their opening hours will be limited.

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Heather Sanger – From St Mary’s School To Marshalling Shaftesbury High Street

Two former St Mary’s School staff will share job duties as traffic marshals overseeing Shaftesbury’s temporary High Street pedestrianisation.

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