Shaftesbury Broadband Problems Could Continue Over Christmas As Utility Companies Argue

250 businesses and homes in the centre of Shaftesbury are still without a reliable broadband connection, six days after a vehicle collided with a communications cabinet on Angel Lane.

The junction box is currently powered by batteries because the electrical supply had to be disconnected. When the batteries run down, the internet goes off. We asked why this has not been fixed, yet?

The broadband cabinet has been repaired but needs connecting to the electricity supply

In a written statement to Alfred, power infrastructure company SSEN says that Openreach has not placed an order for this electrical work. But Openreach say they did. SSEN responded to say they definitely have not!

SSEN can restore power within five working days, if requested. That could mean internet access being disrupted over Christmas.

The unreliable service is harming Shaftesbury businesses. We hear from Karen Hardwick of Cranbornes and Emily Delport-King of Seasons café.