Shaftesbury Couple’s Success With Ethical Vintage Clothes Sales

A Shaftesbury businesswoman says that her vintage and ethnic clothing and spiritual books shop is likely to expand and provide more local employment.

In 2019, Alfred spoke with Aimee de Rosa when she launched her dreadlock maintenance service, Dread It. That business couldn’t operate during lockdown, so Aimee put her energy into the online store, Gold Hill Conscious, she had operated for some extra cash.

Aimee de Rosa and fiancé Dan

It’s been a success. Aimee and her fiancé, former Half Moon Inn chef Dan, are working full time fulfilling orders from their Gold Hill home. Aimee has found a small Indian clothing manufacturer to supply her store. She tells us how she has checked their sustainability and ethical business credentials from a distance.

Aimee intends to expand the self-help book section of her store because she wants other people to benefit from some of the books which she has found invaluable.