Shaftesbury Shop Owner Tells Mayor Why Pedestrianisation Should End

Shaftesbury shop owner Shirley Allum doesn’t want the High Street pedestrianisation to continue beyond the current 28-day trial. Listen to our extended report as Shirley tells Mayor Cllr Tim Cook why she objects.

One of Shirley’s concerns is the loss of High Street parking spaces. Football Club chairman Steve Coffen tells us that he’s donated free parking for shop owners and staff, but that doesn’t address Shirley’s issue.

Shirley Allum

She puts forward her solution and says she’s ‘lost the will to live’ with the Chamber of Commerce, who support the traffic restriction. Lisa Shortland of Reeve the Baker also opposes the 9am to 4pm road closure. She tells us why.

The scheme does have many fans. Shaftesbury shoppers told Alfred that the first day of temporary High Street pedestrianisation felt ‘exciting’ and ‘magical’.

In our extended report, you’ll hear interviews with Town Council business manager Brie Logan and James Thrift from the Chamber of Commerce. James helped to stencil safety markings on the road.

We ask the mayor, Cllr Tim Cook, and Cllr Piers Brown how the success of the scheme will be assessed and whether it will be extended beyond 28 days.

Listen at 1:32.