Donheads Wedding Organiser Calls For COVID Clarity For Event Businesses

Wedding planner Rosie Barrett is based in Donhead St Mary. Rosie tells Alfred how much money has been lost to the Shaftesbury area economy because her 2020 events have been cancelled.

Shaftesbury Business Park Blooming With Wildflowers And Butterflies

A corner of a Shaftesbury business park is now a colourful and vibrant space, bursting with wildflowers and filled with butterflies and insects.

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A High Street Retail Expert Shares His Assessment Of Shaftesbury

Graham Soult is an expert on town centre commerce and is employed by dozens of independent shops, multiple retailers and councils as a consultant.

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Angola 76 Landlady Clarifies Closure Notice Misunderstanding

Angola 76 was issued with a closure notice on Friday night. But the Mustons Lane venue remains open.

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Demand For Eco-Friendly Structures Soars As Production Returns To Shaftesbury

A Shaftesbury entrepreneur has moved production of his eco-friendly modular buildings back to Shaftesbury.

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Dorset Council Say ‘Ugly’ Shaftesbury High Street Barriers Will Be Replaced

Residents who don’t like the appearance of the barriers on the High Street have contacted Alfred.

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Dorset Council Support Rural Residents Who Need Better Broadband

Dorset Council is adding £1 million to a government fund designed to help businesses and communities improve broadband speed in rural areas, where there is a poor connection.

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