Wildlife-Friendly Gardener Dirty Nails On Raking

Our St James-based wildlife-friendly gardener ‘Dirty Nails’ poses the question ‘to rake the leaves, or not rake the leaves?’

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Shaftesbury Library Challenge – Create Treasure From Trash

Staff at Shaftesbury library are encouraging local kids to rummage through the recycling to make something creative from the rubbish.

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Shaftesbury Birdwatching With Richard And Annabel

Richard Dixon and Annabel Turner list the garden birds they’ve spotted outside their St James Street home recently.

The couple explain how mischievous jackdaws attack thatched roofs in St James. And we learn how not to describe somebody who is passionate about birdwatching!



Neil Adlam Visits One Of North Dorset’s Most Distinctive Trees

Alfred’s tree expert Neil Adlam goes for a short drive to visit one of North Dorset’s most iconic trees.

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A Reptile Study Begins At Motcombe Meadows

A year-long study will reveal which reptiles are living in Motcombe’s Meadows.

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Apple Day Stories – How Shaftesbury Residents Created Enmore Green’s Community Orchard

It’s the 30th anniversary of Apple Day, an event celebrating the range of local apple varieties available across the UK and the customs and traditions associated with them.

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Shaftesbury Poet – Catherine Simmons With Her Apple Day Anniversary Verse

Alfred presents poetry to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Apple Day, a national celebration of Britain’s diverse range of apples and the traditions associated with the fruit.

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Shaftesbury Choir Celebrates ‘Apple Day’ With Song And Locally-Filmed Video

Thirty years ago, Shaftesbury residents Sue Clifford and Angela King founded Apple Day to celebrate local varieties.

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East Stour Medicinal Herbalist Julie Wood – Going Back To Her Roots

Today, our Shaftesbury area medicinal herbalist Julie Wood tells us about the healing properties of dandelion, burdock and chicory.

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