Motcombe Acts To Protect Village Hedgehogs

Motcombe Parish Council has made a firm commitment to enhancing the nature and environment of the village.

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Cabbages And Water Boatmen – Shaftesbury’s Wildlife-Friendly Gardener Dirty Nails

Shaftesbury’s wildlife-friendly gardener Dirty Nails offers tips on growing incredible cabbages without the use of pesticides.

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Reporting Reptiles And Magnificent Magnolias With Gardener ‘Dirty Nails’

Our wildlife-friendly gardener ‘Dirty Nails’ offers advice on reptiles in the garden in Shaftesbury.

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Make Fewer Trips To The Tip Says Compton Abbas’ Upcycling Expert

Last week, Dorset Council urged us not to visit Shaftesbury’s tip until after the Easter break.

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Motcombe Treasure Trail Helps Kids Understand Climate Crisis

Mandy Mason arranged the popular advent calendar trail around Motcombe last Christmas. Mandy has since joined the Motcombe Parish Council.

From Monday, village kids will be encouraged to grab a treasure trail map from the shop. Entrants can win prizes by following the trail and answering questions about the climate emergency.

Cllr Mandy Mason

Mandy says youngsters play an important role in encouraging adults to become more environmentally aware. “If the children get on board, they encourage their parents,” Mandy says.

Listen to our interview and learn more about the prize challenge, which starts on Monday 5th April.



The ‘Shaftesbury Loop’ – Our Town’s Safer Cycling Circuit Has Opened

Shaftesbury’s new ‘ring road’ for cyclists and walkers has opened.

The ‘Shaftesbury Loop’ is the first stage in a project to connect our community with a safer, sustainable travel circuit which avoids busier roads.

Yesterday, over 170 waymarking signs were placed by volunteers and Shaftesbury Town Council staff. Listen to our interview to learn more about the project from mayor Andy Hollingshead, council officer Brie Logan and Planet Shaftesbury volunteers, John Nelson and Christina Strickland.

Shaftesbury mayor Andy Hollingshead

The circular route links Royal Chase roundabout, Hawkesdene Lane, St James’ St, Breach Lane, Enmore Green, Tout Hill, Bell Street, Wincombe Lane, The Maltings and Salisbury Road.

As you’ll hear, there are plans to improve cyclists’ experience on a hilly part of the route and link neighbouring villages.



Dirty Nails On Springtime Planting, White Currants And Back Pain

Wildlife-friendly gardener ‘Dirty Nails’ celebrates spring and says it’s the week to sow sunflower seeds and sweetcorn.

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Countryfile To Feature Folk Duo Ninebarrow’s North Dorset Tree Planting

Dorset’s multi-award-winning folk duo, Ninebarrow, have planted a broadleaf woodland near Madjeston.

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Almost A Hundred Trees Planted In Shaftesbury

Over the last month, a team of volunteers from the Shaftesbury Tree Group have planted almost a hundred trees and 750 hedgerow saplings in our town’s open spaces.

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Caricatures Of Hedgerow Creatures Will Appear On Shaftesbury Area Verges

Signage featuring images of friendly-wildlife characters will appear on roadside verges around Shaftesbury, including the Royal Chase roundabout.

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