The Alfred Daily – 9th August 2020

On today’s show: New bus service from The Maltings to Shaftesbury and Gillingham | Councillor hopes bus gate will be resolved soon | Participants energised by outdoor Shaftesbury yoga | Shaftesbury FC manager quits after one match | Solar panels not valued by homebuyers | Friends Kate and Karren chat | Barkley Johnson reads The Keepers Field | A chaffinch and kestrel in Stour Row

The Alfred Daily – 8th August 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury firefighters rescue sheep from underground | Dorset local COVID rate remains ‘very low’ | Shaftesbury Library to reopen | Shaftesbury High Street’s new traffic marshal | A walk around Wardour’s castles | Kate Scott’s chicken keeper’s diary | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Karen Cole reviews ‘Hinton Hollow Death Trip’ | Bees in honeywort on Breach Lane

The Alfred Daily – 7th August 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury tree trimming request divides opinion | Former Shaftesbury art teacher exhibits work | Are you saying ‘Shaftesbury’ correctly? | Shaftesbury man publishes thought provoking poems | Dorset Council prepared for weekend visitors | Medicinal herbalist Julie Wood on burdock | Swallows recorded at Shaftesbury Home Grown

The Alfred Daily – 6th August 2020

On today’s show: Donheads wedding organiser calls for COVID clarity | Wildflower planting at a Shaftesbury business park | Melbury Lions cycle speedway memories | Pub quizmaster’s post lockdown challenge | Shaftesbury poet Richard Foreman | Wrens at Fontmell Down

Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 112

A High Street retail expert reviews Shaftesbury | Shaftesbury’s special church bells | Restoring finger post signs in East Melbury | Shaftesbury’s new vineyard     

The Alfred Daily – 5th August 2020

On today’s show: Restoring Dorset’s finger post signs at East Melbury | How Shaftesbury farmers are boosting barn owl numbers | New targets could increase housebuilding in Dorset | John Cluett’s North Dorset dialect | The Motcombe signpost censor | Evening birdsong at Shaftesbury’s wilderness

The Alfred Daily – 4th August 2020

On today’s show: St Mary’s School bid is unsuccessful | Shaftesbury High Street rated by expert | Shaftesbury Arts Centre youngsters perform online radio play | Wardour smallholder Mary Myers’ woolly words | Dorset’s weather lore with Cliff Skey | Wildlife-friendly gardener Dirty Nails with more tips | The sound of Cann Mill millstone grinding

The Alfred Daily – 3rd August 2020

On today’s show: A new Shaftesbury vineyard opening visitor centre | Bimport rooftop singer starts acting course | Shaftesbury’s Gold Hill museum reopens | Severe crime penalties in Victorian Shaftesbury | Honeysuckle is Nick Andrew’s Shaftesbury plant of the week | The sounds of Fontmell Brook by Nick Crump

The Alfred Daily – 2nd August 2020

On today’s show: More Shaftesbury Sunday shop opening | Angola 76 is not closing | Ringing Shaftesbury’s St Peters church bells | Kate and Karren on contactless payment | Barkley Johnson reads ‘The Old Mill’ | A thrush and a jumping fish in Semley

The Alfred Daily – 1st August 2020

On today’s show: Motcombe COVID support ends | Shaftesbury beauty therapist relocates to Twyford | Paul Merefield’s quiz | Ludwell to Win Green walk | Kate Scott’s Shaftesbury chicken diary | Shaftesbury book blogger Karen Cole | Wrens and kestrels at Stour Row