Donheads Wedding Organiser Calls For COVID Clarity For Event Businesses

Wedding planner Rosie Barrett is based in Donhead St Mary. Rosie tells Alfred how much money has been lost to the Shaftesbury area economy because her 2020 events have been cancelled.

New House Building Target Could Put North Dorset Countryside At Risk

The Dorset branch of the countryside charity, CPRE, warns that Dorset Council and BCP’s annual homebuilding target could be increased by 48%.

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New Rules For Shaftesbury Groups Requesting Grants From Council

A new set of rules is in place for clubs and organisations that want to apply for grant money from Shaftesbury Town Council.

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Council Debate Plan For New Home At Shaftesbury Home Grown

The owners of the land used by Shaftesbury’s community farm want to build a five-bedroom home on their plot alongside Breach Lane.

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Open House Requests £10,000 But Shaftesbury Town Council Wants More Info

Shaftesbury Town Council will continue to pay the Citizens Advice Bureau £4,000 annually to support residents with benefits and consumer rights information.

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Dorset Council Support Rural Residents Who Need Better Broadband

Dorset Council is adding £1 million to a government fund designed to help businesses and communities improve broadband speed in rural areas, where there is a poor connection.

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Can Dorset Grow Its Economy And Address The Climate Emergency At The Same Time?

A Dorset councillor has questioned whether the authority can balance economic growth proposals with the need to tackle the climate emergency.

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Dorset Councillor Aware Of 5G Concerns As County Economic Plan Is Tabled

Dorset Council’s cabinet discusses a strategy for the county’s economic development today.

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Shaftesbury Funfair Return Approved Following Council COVID Safety Debate

Cole’s Funfair has been granted permission to operate from Barton Hill from 17th August.

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Shaftesbury Council Amend Hire Fees To Reflect COVID Challenges

Shaftesbury Town Council has reduced or waived charges for renting their property to reflect the challenges caused by coronavirus.

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