Shaftesbury Rotarians’ Successful Cycle Ride Could Double In 2022

The organiser of Shaftesbury Rotary Club’s North Dorset Cycle Ride believes there is potential to double the size of the event.

480 people registered for a 12-, 25- or 50-mile cycling circuit of Shaftesbury in yesterday’s prostate cancer UK fundraiser. The atrocious weather brought an estimated 50% turnout, but Paul Slimm believes there is room for 1,000 riders in 2022.

Organiser Paul Slimm

In our report, you’ll hear from some of the volunteers, including Rotarian Guy Lowton, Genette Gale and staff from sponsor BV Dairy, Hazel Warner and Andrea Biro. And we meet some of the cyclists who took part, including Andy and Rosie Weir of Shaftesbury. They were testing their new electric bikes.

James Piper and Neil Plumley from Shaftesbury and Mark Bailey from Motcombe

We chat with James Piper and Neil Plumley from Shaftesbury and Mark Bailey from Motcombe. The friends were tackling the 25-mile circuit. Neil’s father had been helped by prostate cancer UK when he was diagnosed a decade ago. The event wasn’t a race but the first rider to complete the 50-mile circuit was cycling enthusiast Richie Lewis of the New Forest.

Rickie Lewis

Paul says that the new split site arrangement of registration and departure from Castle Hill, and a Gold Hill finish, worked well and could remain next year. The new setup was designed to offer a safer social distancing solution as the previous venue, Park Walk, was too narrow. If there are more entrants, the town, the main charity and Shaftesbury’s community will all benefit from the Rotarians’ hard work.

“It’s nice to give a big wedge to prostate cancer. But to have that extra cash facility for the club to work with is very important,” said Paul.