Step Outside – Group Fitness Event At Motcombe’s Turnpike Showground

James Cox of Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show has offered evening rental of Motcombe’s Turnpike Showground for £5. And Rob Marsh has booked the massive site for his ‘Hiitstep’ group step class.

Rob qualified as a Hiitstep instructor in 2019 and he’s been putting his colleagues through their paces at his East Stour workplace. This is Rob’s first outdoor public event.

Rob Marsh

“I’ve always been a bit concerned with using outside space, especially with music causing noise for neighbours,” said Rob. But that won’t be a problem. He can lead a class of up to thirty people. And they have seventy acres to use!

The session is at 6:15pm on the 29th of March. Book on 07723 916748.