Teams Encouraged To Tee Off To Raise Cash For Shaftesbury Carnival

Teams are being encouraged to sign up for a golfing event on Thursday 26th August to raise cash for Shaftesbury Carnival 2022.

Events will include a tried and tested fundraiser. “We’re doing a ‘double or nothing’ on the sixth hole. If you get the ball to land on the green, you can double your money. So you can bet £20 that you will get it on the green. If you do, we will give you £40. If you don’t, we keep the money. It proves to be a good fundraiser because 9 times out of 10, they can’t get it on the green!” said Carnival Club chairman Rich Mullins.

Rich Mullins

You don’t need to be a Carnival Club member to take part. Rich tells us more. You can book on the Shaftesbury Carnival website.

Rich wants to remind locals that the Ray Humphries Classic Car and Bike Show is going ahead this year. It will be on Sunday 25th July. “It’s obviously weather dependent but there will be lots more for the family to see and do.” Rich promised. Conor Smith will provide music at the event on Barton Hill Field.