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The Alfred Daily – 25th October 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury’s MP votes for clampdown on sewage release | Lawrence of Arabia filmmaker addresses Shaftesbury premiere | Planet Shaftesbury’s ‘Care for the Future’ exhibition | Shaftesbury Town Council considers community grants | Shaftesbury’s Open Fridge fun day | Famous designer donates books to Shaftesbury Oxfam | Fighting tawny owls in Shaftesbury

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Huge Spike In Covid Cases – But Shaftesbury Is Still Half England Rate

The latest coronavirus case rates for our region reveal a huge rise in positive test results in Wiltshire.

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A Life With Rock Stars And Royalty – Jon Corry Meets And Draws Anya Noakes

Shaftesbury resident Anya Noakes shares some incredible stories from her career in television.

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Runners Draped In Rainbow Flag Finish Shaftesbury 10k Circuit

The Gold Hill 10k was postponed this year but a group of runners completed the circuit yesterday to raise money for an LGBTQ+ group.

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See How West Melbury Artist Anthony Atwood’s Work Has Evolved Over A Decade

West Melbury artist Anthony Atwood is exhibiting at the Shaftesbury Arts Centre Gallery currently.

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Celebrity Chef Judges Abbey Primary Bake Off Contest

There is so much we can learn about food and international cuisine and that’s why pupils at Shaftesbury’s Abbey Primary School have been studying what we eat.

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Kate And Karren Chat About Kate’s Nasty Fall

Friends and neighbours Kate Pickard and Karren Burkett chat ‘over the garden fence’ about apples and a terrible accident during the week.

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A Short Story By Jenny Parker – Whispers

Jenny Parker reads our Sunday short story ‘Whispers’.

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