Alfred Podcast – Episode 03

This time on Alfred, the podcast for Shaftesbury, The Vale and Chase areas of North Dorset and West Wiltshire:

  • Shaftesbury will celebrate our High Street’s special qualities this summer. The town’s Chamber Of Commerce is launching a new hashtag and window stickers promoting #IndyShaftesbury. Chamber Chairman David Perry reveals how many Shaftesbury traders are independent and explains why this is so important for our town’s economy. Independent traders helps attract tourists, too! (Begins at 00.23)
  • Shaftesbury’s town centre signs have been spring cleaned for summer.  Find out why the Town Council’s team has been doing this work. Councillor Tim Cook has an appeal, too. Can you help find the important sign that has been taken? (Begins at 3.59)
  • Do you have the skills to lead one of Shaftesbury’s most loved institutions? Gold Hill Museum is looking to recruit a new Chairman. Elaine Barratt knows all about the role. She is acting Chairman but she can’t take the role on. She explains why. So what kind of person is the museum looking for? Elaine explains and she says candidates don’t need to know anything about history. (Begins at 6.50)
  • Do you know where to find Shaftesbury’s oldest feature? It could be older than the churches and even Christianity. And it’s still alive! Keri Jones joins Sue Clifford, Angela King and Robin Walter on the Shaftesbury Tree Group Walk. The route and accompanying guide will help you see the town from a different perspective, as Keri discovers. (Begins at 10.40)
  • Around a hundred people filled Shaftesbury Town Hall on Monday to debate North Dorset Council’s sale of the Cattle Market site to a supermarket. We spoke with one of North Dorset’s chief officers, Martin Harrison. He refuted accusations that NDDC acted deceitfully during the process. Hear our report and interviews from this long and sometimes heated public meeting. (Begins at 19.02)
  • A reminder about Civic Day on Thursday 21st June. (Begins at 30.02)