Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 28

Volunteers use speed guns to tackle speeding in Motcombe speeding | Comedy nights starting at Shaftesbury Arts Centre | Why Shaftesbury photographer Bella West is exhibiting in Westminster | A Shaftesbury man who faced death wants to help coma patient’s families | Shaftesbury’s Tesco cuts parking time and locals react

This time on Alfred, the podcast for Shaftesbury, The Vale and Chase areas of North Dorset and West Wiltshire:

Tackling fast driving through Motcombe with the village’s speed gun volunteers. And ThisIsAlfred joins the parents tackling poor parking, which creates problems for Motcombe Primary pupils walking to school. (00:24)

Regular comedy nights will start next month in Shaftesbury. Alfred meets Dorset comedian Andrew White and hears how his Shaftesbury Fringe experience encouraged him to start the events. (10:16)

A top Shaftesbury photographer shares her tips. We meet Bella West and learn why her work is being shown at a special Westminster exhibition. (15:26)

Shaftesbury resident Simon Hill was told that he was going to die. Now Simon wants help the friends and family of patients in a coma. (22:02)

Shaftesbury’s Tesco reduces the length of stay in their car park and there are mixed reactions from local people, politicians and the town’s Chamber of Commerce. (28:23)