The Alfred Daily – 8th October 2021

The Alfred Daily is a 30-minute radio programme for Shaftesbury and the surrounding area, being broadcast 7 days-a-week. On The Alfred Daily today:

  • Police arrest in Shaftesbury burglaries investigation.
  • Shaftesbury businesswomen collaborate to increase sustainability.
  • From Fringe to Fontmell – Shaftesbury aerial artist performs with friend.
  • West Melbury Vineyard opens art gallery.
  • Opening night praise for under-18s production of Bugsy Malone.
  • Dorset Council planning delays should ease by December.
  • Shaftesbury what’s ons.
  • Stained glass and abstract art in new Shaftesbury exhibition.
  • Shaftesbury fitness expert Laura Langley answers your questions.
  • Soundscapes – Sounds of a misty daybreak on Breach Lane.