A Life Without Music – Shaftesbury Composer Launches Appeal For Her Afghan Musician Friends

Shaftesbury composer Sadie Harrison is deeply concerned about the safety of the young Afghan musicians she’s worked with, now the Taliban has taken over in Afghanistan again.

Sadie describes the terrifying situation facing talented young musicians following last week’s changes. She explains how the Taliban’s ban on music and performance during their last period of rule impacted on Afghan citizens.

Sadie Harrison

She’s selling a CD, which features her collaboration with young musicians from the country. Sadie says money raised from CD sales will go directly to the people who need it. She is in contact with friends in the country, as she explains.

To buy a CD, you can contact Sadie at ‘Sadie Harrison Composer’ on Facebook or via If you’d like to donate to individual musicians without a CD here are 2 links:

Click here for donations to the Afghanistan National Institute of Music.