Dog-Themed Comedy Show Planned For Shaftesbury Fringe

Over 100 different performances are booked for the three-day Shaftesbury Fringe Festival between the 22nd and 24th of July.

Award-winning comedian Dave Chawner’s show is a must for our town’s dog lovers. “I used to hate dogs. I was quite scared of them. But then I met my partner and she thought dogs are better than humans. My show explores the idea that dogs are better than humans,” says Dave.

Dave touches on a serious topic in his show – mental health and eating disorders. “I had anorexia as a teenager and I’ve always used comedy to talk about tricky topics – depression and eating disorders. I honestly believe that comedy is a brilliant way of talking about tricky subjects, because when people are laughing, they must be listening.”

And Dave lets us into some TV insider secrets. If you watch TV’s ‘Mock the Week’ you may be impressed by the speed at which comedians come up with one-liners once they have been given their topic. But all is not as it seems, as Dave explains.

Dave Chawner will perform at St Peter’s Church on Saturday, 23rd July at 8pm.

Click below to listen.