Dorset Stand-Up Is Ready For TV Fame – But Won’t Forget His Strong Shaftesbury Connections

22-year-old Dorset comedian Andrew White has grown up with Shaftesbury Fringe, performing over the last four festivals.

Yesterday it was ‘standing room only’ as he played to a full Assembly Room at the Grosvenor Arms Hotel.

Andrew White performing at The Grosvenor Arms Hotel

Andrew’s comedy has become more political and even funnier as he’s honed his observation and writing skills and fine-tuned his stagecraft. He had the room in laughter as he recounted his experiences of the very middle-class Salisbury Black Lives Matter event that he attended and supported.

Andrew tells Alfred how living in rural Dorset influences his comedy. And he explains why he loves visiting our town’s Fringe. He is committed to attending the 2022 event.