Enjoy ‘Time Travel’ During An Outdoor Comedy Play Near Shaftesbury On Thursday

Outdoor theatre comes to Springhead Gardens in Fontmell Magna this Thursday. Cornwall’s award-winning Miracle Theatre Company is celebrating its 40th birthday with an original comedy, ‘A Perfect World’.

Writer and director Bill Scott spoke with Alfred’s Keri Jones.

There are elements of Enid Blyton in the adventure story, ‘A Perfect World’, according to its playwright. “They are definitely adults, although they do behave rather like children. It is set in the 1930s. It is the last vestiges of the old explorer culture,” Bill Scott said.

Scene from A Perfect World. Photo by Kirstin Prisk.

His story surrounds a feisty young woman venturing into a ‘Boys Own’ world of undiscovered jungles, treasure maps, campfires and penknives. The group is given the challenge of finding a Shangri-La and, in order to reach it, they have to build a machine that will help them travel through a time portal. “That is very much in that genre, and that of Jules Verne,” Bill offered.

Bill says the show operates on many levels. “Elements of science fiction and a fair bit of philosophy, looking at different ways in which people have tried to live. It’s all done very tongue-in-cheek, as it is essentially a comedy,” he said, adding that he reckons the performance also offers some lessons for our time.

“One of the interesting things about trying to find a utopia is that when people put them into practice, they almost always fail. There is a thin line between a utopia, where everything is perfectly ordered, and a rather extremist, almost fascist, attitude to life.”

Scene from A Perfect World. Photo by Kirstin Prisk.

The Miracle Theatre Company perform at outdoor venues across the Southwest and this show is on a 55-night run. Bill says he writes his plays with their intended outdoor performance in mind. “You do use broader strokes. The characters are more clearly defined because you have to communicate with people who could be sitting 30 yards away from you.”

If you’ve never been to an outdoor theatre production previously, Bill says you should bring a folding chair and clothes suitable for the weather. You’re welcome to take a picnic and a bottle of wine too.

The company has performed at Springhead previously and Bill says it’s a good venue. “It’s a very idyllic spot and very well laid out for theatre shows. You can’t ask for more really,” he said.

‘A Perfect World’ is performed at 7.00pm on Thursday, 1st August, at Springhead Gardens. You can buy tickets by calling (01747) 811853 or online at