Four Days Of Classical Concerts This Weekend In Semley

Soprano Iuno Connolly graduated from the Royal Academy of Music and sang with the English National Opera. This week she’s hosting four music concerts featuring classical works and opera.

Thursday evening’s Semley Grange event will feature a harpist at 6.30pm. There are themes – Sunday afternoon’s session at 2.30pm focuses on the flute.

Iuno Connolly

Iuno is particularly looking forward to singing a song from ‘The King and I’. “When I was putting things together, I wanted to branch out and programme a few things that I’d always liked but have never had the opportunity to sing,” said Iuno. She has chosen a track called ‘Hello Young Lovers’. “It’s just the most beautiful. It starts off very still and serene, peaceful. It’s just very joyful.”

Iuno tells Alfred about her musical upbringing and how she would love to grow this annual event into a significant festival.