Shaftesbury and North Dorset Artists Open Their Studio Doors

Do you want to buy local art, direct from the artist? The Dorset Art Weeks event is on until 10th June 2018. It’s now one of Britain’s largest open studio events, with 313 venues open across the county.

There are nineteen places to visit here in North Dorset, offering a choice of unique paintings, photography, sculpture and ceramics. Alfred spoke with Shaftesbury artists Andrea Jenkins and Gary Cook. On the audio interview they explain why North Dorset’s creative people value this event.

Andrea Jenkins

“People who sell out of their studios are finding that they sell a lot more than during the rest of the year,” says Andrea, adding, “For me, Dorset Art Weeks is one of the best things I do.”

“Dorset Art Weeks does seem to be drawing people in,” says Gary. “People are specifically coming down to Dorset for the event. They plan their holidays around it,” he adds.

“Going into an artist’s studio is the best way to engage with art. You see what the processes are”, says Andrea. “The majority of artists are happy to explain. It’s different from going into a gallery which can be a little bit daunting.”

Gary Cook

What do you do when the artist’s work is not to your taste? “It’s fine to say that it isn’t your thing. But it is worth engaging with the artist and finding out why they do the work in that way,” advises Andrea.

There’s a selection from the work of each of North Dorset artists in the foyer at Shaftesbury Arts Centre. You can download the brochure for the event here.