Shaftesbury Has Potential As Busking Destination – Jazz And Latin Nights Will Return

Shaftesbury musician Rich Atkinson believes our town could become a popular destination for buskers.

When all other performance events ended, he played in Swan’s Yard and found the experience rewarding, although not in financial terms! He compares the experience of street performance here with Bath. In our interview, Rich joins his fellow Shaftesbury jazz, funk and soul night organiser, Paul Francis, to discuss the challenges that musicians face when gigs resume.

Rich Atkinson (left) and Paul Francis

The men hope to reinstate their Father’s House music night when the rules are relaxed. “It’s done to a high standard you wouldn’t often see in Shaftesbury, from, for want of a better phrase, a pub rock band,” said Rich. “I think the appetite’s there, and I think it’ll be there even more.”

Both men have played in online gigs during lockdown. Paul explains why playing from home made him. ‘the most nervous I’ve been in years in my performing career’.