Vote For Your Favourite Shaftesbury Carnival Entry With A New App

You’ll be able to vote for your favourite Shaftesbury Carnival entry on a mobile phone app for the first time this year.

The introduction of this real-time voting means that the winner will be announced on the evening of the Carnival, 28th September.

Shaftesbury Carnival Co-chairman, Rich Mullins, says he is excited that our town’s event is the first carnival on the Wessex Circuit to join the CarniApp, that was created for the Somerset Circuit.

“You’ve got Bridgwater, Glastonbury and Wells all on there. This year Shaftesbury has been chosen to go on the app, which is great news,” said Rich. “Within the app, you can scroll to the bottom and find Shaftesbury Carnival. Click on it and there will be the map of the route, start and finish times and all of our event sponsors,” he added.

Rich hopes that locals who download this free app will be inspired to visit the other regional carnivals. “Once they are on the app, they might see Bridgwater Carnival and think, ‘I quite fancy going down and watching that’. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a spectacular show,” he said.

App users will also learn about Shaftesbury’s Carnival and Rich believes that could encourage more visitors to our event. The app will be useful for Shaftesbury residents travelling to support their local clubs and groups entered into the carnivals elsewhere in the Westcountry. “If you go to the other carnivals, it will be a great app for you to use there. In Bridgwater, you’ll be able to track your entries as they move around the circuit. They have built in trackers on them.”

Rich is keen for anyone who is attending Shaftesbury Carnival to download this app so they can help pick a winner in a new ‘Spectator’s Choice’ award, which has been created by the app’s developers.

“You need to choose your favourite Carnival entry. That could be a walker, a carnival cart or even a trade entry that passed you. Voting opens on Carnival day at 9am and it closes at 9pm on Carnival evening. The results will come through to Anthony Streets. He will be told of the winner of the Spectators Choice awards in time for the presentation at the Youth Club at 10pm.”

You can find and download the CarniApp on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.