Dorset Wildlife Trust Membership Deal Will Fund Shaftesbury Conservation

Dorset Wildlife Trust is offering half-price annual membership during January.

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Starling Sings From Shaftesbury Rooftops

Another North Dorset nature recording – Nick Crump brings us a single starling singing on a chimney pot on Lyon’s Walk.

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Mary Myers On How Her Smallholding Ducks Stay Warm

Wardour smallholder Mary Myers discovers how her ducks and chickens cope with the chilly conditions.



Dirty Nails On Shaftesbury Parish Hedges And Breach Lane Gates

Our wildlife-friendly gardener ‘Dirty Nails’ share tips on January tasks and seeds.

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Motcombe Naturalist Captures Otter On Wildlife Cameras

Natalie Bouchier says she is excited to have captured footage of an otter on her family’s Motcombe farm, Bittles Brook Farm.

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A Coal Tit At Castle Hill

Nick Crump records the sound of a coal tit in a hawthorn tree at Castle Hill.

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Shaftesbury Chicken Keeper Kate Scott Breaks The Ice For Thirsty Birds

We’ve experienced sub-zero temperatures during the day in Shaftesbury this week.

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A ‘Cheeky’ Walk Around Ludwell With Shaftesbury Rambler Tom Perrett

Tom and Jan Perrett enjoy their first taste of freedom following self-isolation.

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Soundscapes – Icicles Alongside A North Dorset Lake

Just north of Shaftesbury, there is a small spring running into a lake.

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