A Fall In New COVID-19 Cases In Shaftesbury Area

There’s been another fall in new COVID-19 cases within Shaftesbury area communities, and only one district has recorded a rolling rate higher than the national average.

The latest data covers the seven days to 8th February. Across England, there were 177 cases per 100,000 people. Dorset Council’s rolling rate is 134 cases per 100,000 and BCP’s is 225. There have been 506 positive test results in the Dorset Council area, down 209 on the figures released one week ago. In the BCP Council area, there have been 891 cases, 428 fewer than last time.

Two weeks ago, the Melbury Abbas, Compton Abbas, Child Okeford and Guys Marsh sector recorded a spike in new cases. Earlier this week, Public Health Dorset described an outbreak at Guys Marsh Prison as ‘serious’. Numbers of new infections have now stopped rising, though. There have been fourteen cases across these rural communities, the same figures as the previous week. The rolling rate per 100,000 people has remained at 193. That’s above the average for England, but the data relates to a low number of cases.

‘Serious’ outbreak at Guys Marsh Prison

Shaftesbury has reported 10 positive tests. That’s down 14 cases compared with last time. Shaftesbury’s rolling rate now stands at 112 cases per 100,000, down from 269.

The rural area of Motcombe, Bourton and The Stours, which excludes Gillingham, has recorded six positive test results. That’s nine fewer cases than reported one week ago. The rolling rate for these villages is 65 cases per 100,000, down from 164.

In Wiltshire, the East Knoyle, Mere and Semley area has recorded 11 positive test results in these recent figures. That’s 9 fewer cases than last week’s data. The rolling rate has fallen to 163 per 100,000, down from 297 one week ago.

The Tollard Royal, Berwick St John and The Donheads area has seen 7 new cases. There were 8 cases one week ago. The rolling rate for these villages is currently at 112, down from 127 per 100,000.

Wiltshire’s rolling rate is 129 per 100,000. The county has recorded 647 cases, a fall of 77 compared with the previous data.