Be Kind And Warn Neighbours Of Shaftesbury Area Firework Displays

We are repeating our request to tell the community if you are letting off fireworks during the next few weeks.

Please message Alfred, or post on the ‘Shaftesbury, Dorset’ Facebook page.

You’ll hear a brief extract from an interview recorded last year with a resident of The Maltings. Kerry explains how fireworks impact her husband, who suffers from PTSD following his military service. And we all know how unexpected bangs can scare pets.

We’re not suggesting fireworks should be stopped. We’re just repeating a request to give advance notice so affected residents can prepare. At the end of the report, we list the organised firework events that Alfred is currently aware of in Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, Ludwell/Charlton and Motcombe. Add your event for free on our what’s on guide, or record a voicemail announcement for broadcast on Alfred, here.