Carolling In Shaftesbury And The Villages

Alfred’s team brings you a flavour of the carol singing and seasonal music performances from Shaftesbury and the villages.

James Higgins joined the Motcombe carollers as they walked along The Street on Saturday. He chats with ‘choirmaster’ Andrew Marshall. Liz Pocock talks about the fundraising collection and tells James, “The bucket seems quite heavy.”

Carols in Motcombe. Photo by James Higgins.

Alfred’s Mel Aldridge went to Enmore Green, where she joined carol organiser Jo Churchill and her dog Charlie as they led the singing at the War Memorial on Saturday. 83-year-old Freda enjoyed a magical moment, singing a French Christmas lullaby she last heard when she was a child.

Niky Daley attended a carol service at Donhead St Andrew, where strict COVID rules meant a tape recording replaced the choir.

Shaftesbury Town Silver Band playing at Chubbs House on Salisbury Street,

Shaftesbury Town Silver Band were touring the town, playing outside retirement homes on Sunday. Keri Jones enjoyed the music and spoke with chairman Greg Lowe. The event was emotional – Greg says it’s the first time they’ve performed together since spring.