Celebrating 150 Years Of Shaftesbury’s Hospital

The foundation stone of Westminster Memorial Hospital was laid this week in 1871 by Lady Theodore Grosvenor, the daughter of the second Marquess of Westminster.

Some of the staff from the hospital

On Tuesday, NHS staff and volunteers from the Hospital Friends held a get-together in the garden. Matron Ali Low told Alfred, “It’s important to know where you come from.”

Matron Ali Low cuts the cake

Denise Potter started working at the hospital in the late 1970s. She is retiring soon but intends to volunteer for three days each week. “It’s like a big family,” said Denise. She tells Alfred about the changes she’s noticed during her NHS career in Shaftesbury – from uniforms to the type of care offered at the hospital. Staff used to take patients on a Christmas shopping trip to Marks & Spencer’s in Salisbury, Denise recalls.