Dorset’s New High Sheriff Wants To Meet Shaftesbury’s Heroes

Dorset has a new High Sheriff. Michael Dooley is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist who worked at Dorset County Hospital for over 25 years.

Michael tells Alfred about this historic role, which can be traced back hundreds of years. He was appointed by the queen, who followed an unusual, traditional method of selecting a candidate.

Michael Dooley

Michael says he is keen to visit Shaftesbury so he can meet and potentially offer awards to our town’s unsung heroes. In our interview, you’ll hear how you can recommend someone for this recognition.

Michael’s predecessor, George Streatfeild, visited Guy’s Marsh Prison recently to formally thank prison staff for their work during the pandemic. He says he expects to work with the prison and other local agencies and individuals working in essential and emergency services.