Dress Your Door For Christmas At Shaftesbury’s Wreath-Making Workshops

Front door wreaths seem to be the Christmas decoration of the moment. There are several workshops mixing practical skills with social events in the Shaftesbury area.

Bright Blooms wreath

We talk with Ellen Biggs of Bright Blooms about the sustainable wreaths she’ll be helping people make at Seasons Café at 6.30pm on 3rd December, 6pm on 4th December and 12noon on 15th December.

Mollie Mogridge of Pamplemousse

Mollie Mogridge of Pamplemousse tells Alfred how to spot a perfectly-made wreath. And she shares tips on how to make your decoration last a little bit longer on your front door. Mollie’s workshop at Pamplemousse will be held at 6.30pm on 4th December.

There’s also a wreath-making workshop this evening, Friday, at Fontmell Magna Primary School at 7pm.

Click below to listen.