Elvie Tests Your Travel Knowledge With Her Stars Appeal Fundraiser

Elvie Pearson has lived in Shaftesbury for forty years. She’s well known around our town and that’s useful because Elvie needs to raise sponsorship money for a vital charity fundraiser.

Community midwife Elvie tells The Alfred Daily how she supports new parents in the Shaftesbury area using equipment bought by Salisbury District Hospital’s Stars appeal. Elvie wants you to take the online travel quiz she’s launched to raise cash for her 2021 Middle Eastern desert walk, a Stars Appeal fundraiser.

Last year, Elvie trekked along The Great Wall of China for the Stars charity. Listen as she shares her observations on the cultural differences she noticed in China. It’s insight that you won’t get from reading tourism brochures! Donate at Elvie’s JustGiving page.

You can listen at 9:31.