Former Shaftesbury Headteacher Appointed To Senior Role At St Mary’s School

Dorset Council bought the former St Mary’s School for around £10m in January. It will be used for special education, mainly for young people.

Yesterday, Dorset Council officials took Alfred on a tour. In our interview, we ask Dorset Council’s decision-makers about job opportunities and future community access to the grounds and sporting facilities.

The school has appointed an interim chief operating officer. He is well known to many Shaftesbury residents, as you’ll hear in our report.

The library

Art studio


The St Mary’s name may be dropped. Dorset Council’s executive director of people, Theresa Leavy, says, “We want to be fully inclusive, and for some people, having a St. Mary’s name won’t make it feel inclusive. We need to be mindful and respectful of that.”

No decision has been made yet.