Hunt For Missing Dog Henry ‘Brings Out The Best In Shaftesbury’

Shaftesbury has shown its strength as a community by the response to the search for a missing dog.

Dozens of locals, including North Dorset police and Shaftesbury fire crew, joined the hunt for Henry on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Thankfully, the Jack Russell-poodle cross was found yesterday morning.

Carol Simpson, Shaftesbury organiser of Dog Lost charity, says, “There’s something a bit special about Shaftesbury,” adding, “If he was going to get lost anywhere, he got lost in the right place.”

Henry reunited with his owners

In our report, you’ll hear the reaction of Henry’s grateful owner, Kees Schouten. He said the experience was ‘horrendous’. The family want to thank residents for their assistance.

Carol shares the charity’s advice on action to follow when a dog runs off.