‘Leading Ladies’ To Explain How Shaftesbury Town Council Works

Two of Shaftesbury’s ‘Leading Ladies’ will offer an insight into the workings of local government at a Shaftesbury Civic Society event on Wednesday.

Shaftesbury Town Council’s Clerk, Claire Commons and Business Manager, Brie Logan, will address the Society’s open meeting at the Shaftesbury Arts Centre on Wednesday.

“Very few of us understand how local government really works and who is responsible for what,” said SCS Honorary Secretary Jackie Upton King. “So we are inviting Claire to explain what she does, what are the difficulties and challenges within that role, the restraints that she has to work through and how she supports the town.”

Brie’s Business Manager role is relatively new. She will explain some of the work she has undertaken so far when she addresses the Leading Ladies event. “Brie has already achieved a great deal in that role, providing support and looking for initiatives around the town that will make it thrive and become more sustainable. It should be a really interesting evening with these two ladies and we hope there will be lots of questions,” said Jackie.

Brie Logan (left) and Claire Commons (right) with Jackie Upton King (centre)

Jackie believes that if people understand the Town Council’s role and how they can influence decision-making then more people may feel that they can get involved in local democracy. If you’re uncertain how the three councils that cover the town divide up their responsibilities or you want to know who to contact with your ideas and suggestions, you might find this session helpful.

Jackie says that the Civic Society’s role is to facilitate these discussions. She believes that debate is helpful in delivering SCS’s goal of celebrating Shaftesbury’s unique setting and heritage, whilst ensuring that developments are well considered and appropriate. “We’re still entirely focused on creating a ‘pride of place’ for everybody who lives in Shaftesbury. We’re here to generally keep an eye on things and we have a role to play in making sure that Shaftesbury is really special,” said Jackie.

Shaftesbury’s Leading Ladies is taking place at Shaftesbury Arts Centre on Wednesday, 24th October 2018 at 7.30pm. Admission is free.